Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Conical Roof Repair, Replacement, and Precautions

Conical roofs, sometimes called a witch’s hat, cone roof, turret roof, dome roof, spires or vaults are often used to cover residential and tower shape structures.  The most common conical roofs found on Texas homes are made from a series of tapered flat roofs, creating a series of hips forming an inverted cone shape.  Another common conical roof design features stacked rows of slate. As seen on luxury homes. They are frequently found on top of towers in medieval town fortifications, castles, and Victorian houses.  The architectural design of the conical roof really enhances the exterior elevation and adds value to luxury homes.

Here you see several conical roof repaired or replaced by PERTEX roofing, on luxury homes in north Texas.  One undeniable element of the conical roof is many of them have a very steep slope.  This obviously increase the odds of danger for any roofing company.  Therefore it is imperative that you find a roofing company that has experience repairing or replacing conical roofs.  Conical roofs are especially difficult to roof for several reasons, but particularly due to the "cone shaped" structure.

Conical Roof Repair, Replacement, and Precautions
  • Take additional steps to prevent water entry at the seams on conical roofs
  • Replace all of the curved step and counter flashings to match the radius of round wall
Taking these conical roof repair precautions allows homeowners to continue with their lifestyle indoors without any concerns of water infiltration from the outside.  May rainfall totals of 15 to 20 inches are widespread across Texas. According to the office of the Texas state climatologist, the month of May is now the wettest on record for Texas, having received an average of 8.81 inches statewide and a yearly average 45.50″ in Texas according to TEXAS A&M AGRILIFE 1968 - 2016

Texas A&M AgriLife Yearly Average Rain Totals Chart

When considering what roof design to install, weigh aesthetics against cost. Roofing materials come in varying grades and corresponding prices. Look at the full product range and make a choice based on a realistic budget and needs. Some homeowners have spent $30K for real slate or wood shakes—or get a similar roof style for much less. Contact PERTEX Roofing for more types of roofing to consider.

If your home is located in Texas, you don’t need to look any further, just call (214) 734-6270 or send email to service@pertexroofing.com

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