Friday, April 29, 2016

How Insurance Agents Retain Loyal Customers

How do you retain long term loyal customers?  

Customer Service is the main pillar of strength in the business of insurance. Good relationships with your customers can help you reach any level of success, which is why customer relationship management or CRM has been given the utmost importance in every business, be it an insurance company or a call center. If you are an insurance agent, you should understand this thoroughly, because long-term relationships with your customers is the only thing that will earn you your commission and help you be in business for a long time.  
Source: Insurance Agents Can Build Long-term Customer Relationships

We coach and help homeowners navigate the entire claims process. 

We also simplify the claims process by providing accuracy and quality work.  PERTEX commercial and residential roofing programs enable us to be highly proficient at accurately assessing hail and high wind damage, then provide better roofing solutions for all types of roof systems – maximizing the proceeds for the premiums you pay. 

PERTEX provides all types of roofing solutions; shingled roof, slate / clay tile roof, built-up roof, polymer-modified bitumen roof, thermoplastic single-ply (PVC/TPO) roof, thermoset plastic shingle-ply (EPDM, CSPE, PIB) roof, silicone coated roof, SPF roof, metal roof, vegetated (green roof), low-slope / steep-slope roof, asbestos roof.  It's our goal to return your property to pre-loss condition or better.

Building alliances that help people...

It's because of the alliances we create by being enthusiastic about helping insurance agents and their clients get back to normal.  It's our commitment to strategic planning, accuracy, client education, and workmanship that keeps our phone ringing.  Call 214-734-6270 for more information.

Better roofing solutions is what your customers deserve.  PERTEX roofing is a credible and stable business with Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, fully insured roofing company based and serving customers from Dallas to San Antonio, and we offer a free roof inspection.  Visit or follow us on Twitter @pertexroofing and Like us on Facebook


Cost-effective Roof Restorations
Restoration is almost always more cost-effective than roof tear-off and replacement. Ask PERTEX roofing experts if a roof can be repaired or replaced.

Accurate Roof Measurements
The roofing industry has come a long way since the first homebuilder's who used the materials (grass, slate, tile) they had available.

Texas Hail & High Wind Season
Most hail storms are made up of a mix of sizes, and only the very largest hail stones pose serious risk to people caught in the open.

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  2. Oh you hit the nail on the head when you said "It's our commitment to strategic planning, accuracy, client education... that keeps our phone ringing." I could not agree with you more Mr. Perez. At GM Transportation, our passengers normally expect superb service and comfort. It's so important to focus on people and listening, then taking our knowledge of Dallas and best practices driving logistics to make sure our solution is the best or better than our next competitor(s). The points you've made have obviously helped your roofing business grow in Dallas. I imagine homeowners and insurance agents are proud to work with Pertex Roofing. Thanks again for sharing!

  3. Pertex was very professional and did a beautiful job on two different homes I own. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a roofing contractor. They went above and beyond what was expected and worked close with the insurance agent from beginning to end. Thomas P